Odissi dance is an art form that is constantly evolving despite its antiquity. It is at par with contemporary dance in its evolution of application and modernity .

Learning Odissi dance does not necessarily require any previous training in dance . We build a foundation upon whatever body history you carry with you . Learning Odissi dance creates a core strength in body and discipline in ones mind. It is best to pursue it with a long term goal of adding it to your life style . Being deeply based upon spiritual foundations it carries grounding and healing energy for the practitioner . Everyone from the age of 6 and above is welcome to apply for classes.

We at Sohamasmi believe that there is no right age to start learning this beautiful art form . Whenever the calling to start rises in your spirit follow it to us .

Group Class and Practice sessions are held twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday)


150 Princess Street

North Carlton


There is also a choice of intensive individual sessions for students who reside in other states and countries . There is a minimum requirement of booking ten sessions in advance.

Intensive classes held at Gisborne

17 Tasman Road

Gisborne 3437


For details please contact Monica Singh